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You can always count on Pat McAfee when it comes to hilarious analysis of NFL games on Sunday.

The former Colts punter took to Twitter Sunday afternoon like he does every Sunday to provide analysis of the days best special teams action. In what he called the “Snow Globe of Buffalo”, McAfee watched on as the Colts special teams unit repeatedly put the team in position to possibly win the game. Safe to say that he approved of what he saw.

Late in the second quarter Rigoberto Sanchez, with the wind blowing and snow falling hard, punted from the Colts 29. While very unconventional, it didn’t seem to bother Sanchez as he promptly sent a punt that landed in a snow bank on the one-yard line.

McAfee promptly lost his mind.

“Back in the snow globe of Buffalo with Rigobert Sanchez punting from the 29-yard line,” McAfee said. “Little checkup cuzzo. Buried it in the soft green downed at the one. What a (expletive) ball Rigoberto!”

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Things got even crazier late in the game. Down one after a controversial penalty wiped out a two-point conversion that put the Colts ahead, Adam Vinatieri took the field to attempt a 43-yard extra point. In the driving wind in almost impossible conditions, Vinatieri sent a knuckle ball that curved in and tied the game with just over a minute left. McAfee couldn’t have been happier for his friend and long-time teammate.

While McAfee’s commentary of the entire situation is hilarious as a whole his statement, “That thing started at Geico, ended up in heaven and we’re going to overtime in Buffalo!” is one for the ages.

Since retiring from the NFL, Pat McAfee has been delivering hilarious commentary on various things around the league, and it seems to go viral each time he does it.

Little known Bob Menery, who has been dubbed “the guy with the golden voice,” has been doing voice-overs and commentating on games for a few months now. He is beginning to make a name for himself as he continues to impress with his hilarious takes.

It’s only right that the former Indianapolis Colts punter and the golden voice commentator hook up and do a video together, which they did on Sunday.

Following the Broncos-Raiders fight earlier in the day, the two paired up and delivered the video of the year when they called the violent action between the two teams.

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