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Aaron Rodgers is a Super Bowl champion and is generally regard as one of the best two or three quarterbacks in the NFL, but has he underachieved in Green Bay over the years?

On Thursday’s episode of “The Herd”, Colin Cowherd explained why Packers fans complaining that Rodgers doesn’t ‘have enough help’ don’t have a valid argument.

Aaron Rodgers has one of the NFL’s elite coaches

“Among my football sources – I’ve got six scouts in my phone, I’ve got a couple GMs, and I’ve got them, by the way, anonymously, so if I lose my phone Andy Reid will not get a call.

“Basically, when I talk to coaches, this is who they tell me are the best coaches. Belichick No. 1, obviously. [Mike] McCarthy No. 2, Andy Reid No. 3, Pete Carroll No. 4.

“Here’s the thing. For years and years, I have said Aaron Rodgers is great. But all I ever hear about from Packer fans is ‘well Tom Brady’s got Belichick!’

“Pete Prisco, according to all his NFL sources, and he’s been covering this league for 30 years, they put Mike McCarthy of the Packers second.”

Lambeau Field gives Rodgers more of an advantage than any other stadium would

“So Aaron Rodgers, nine years as a starter with the second-best coach in the league? Four times [he]’s one-and-done or missed the playoffs.

“All I’m saying… when I bring Greg Cosell on and he says ‘I love Aaron but sometimes he ad-libs out of a play.’ That’s called ‘not coachable.’

“I know Aaron’s wonderful and I’ve said it before…. Rodgers has arguably the second-best coach in the league. I would argue the best home-field advantage in the league. Last year, I thought they had the third-best pass protecting offensive line in the league after Dallas and Oakland.

“And he’s had, I would say, better receivers – on average – than Brett Favre had. On average.”

Stop with the ‘Rodgers has no help’ argument

“I like Aaron, and the one year he had a great defense he won a Super Bowl. It’s not a criticism, but there are certain fanbases – and they’re often the small-market fanbases, Oklahoma City and Green Bay – where they’re almost collegiate. Where you have kind of a back-rubbing local media that tells you what you always want to hear.

“Stop with the ‘Rodgers has no help.’ That is arguably the best home field in the league, and four of his nine years he doesn’t make the playoffs or he’s one-and-done. McCarthy is an absolutely fantastic head coach.”

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