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When Deshaun Watson arrived to Houston for his pre-draft visit with the Texans, the quarterback was put through the ringer, answering questions from the entire offensive staff who tested his knowledge of the game, recall of information, and how he handled pressure. Watson was knew that the hour-long session with the Texans offensive staff was a success and when he walked out of the room and that he made a positive impression in the organization.

“I thought I killed it and the end I gave a little smirk to them. He (Bill O’Brien) saw me do that,” Watson said on the Doug Gottlieb Show.

“He (O’Brien) knew that I am a confident player that is smart, knew how to talk football but at the same time was very interested in learning,” Watson said of his visit with the Texans. “I have so much more I need to gain from, so much more not just as a quarterback but as a football player, learn more about the game. There is so much more that I am interested in and willing to work on my game to be able to learn.”

The expectations are growing with Watson landing in Houston but he knows that the noise from the outside regarding him possibly being in line to start this season is just talk. With veterans Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden in the building, Watson is only worried about one thing: getting better each day.

“We are not focused on that, right now we are focusing on trying to get 1% better each and every day,’ Watson said of the potential upcoming quarterback competition. “Whatever happens, that is up to Coach O’Brien and all the staff. Our job is to go out there whenever our opportunity comes, makes each other better, compete, and at the same time, support each other. You are only as good a everyone on the team. If all of us are on the same page and the same mentality then we will be just fine. We will leave that to all the people – that is about us, we just do our job. We are good people in the room, we always have fun and joke around, it is all love.”

Watson is doing everything he can to learn the Texans system and is depending on O’Brien, Savage, and Weeden to watch their work inside the film room and on the field. There is going to be a learning curve that both O’Brien and Watson have already acknowledged with the Texans offense. Understanding the Texans offense is a task itself but with limited time on the field before training camp arrives, Watson knows the spring training opportunities are important for him to build his foundation of knowledge.

“It is going to come with reps in the Spring, it is not really my fault I do not have any experience at the NFL level,” Watson explained of learning the Texans offense. “I am just now getting here. Just being patient, learning the offense, learning the system and controlling what I can control.”

Some of those issues of a new environment will be alleviated with some familiar faces in the building from his former school. Watson is looking forward to playing alongside DeAndre Hopkins, something he did not get to experience at Clemson.

“It is pretty cool how the who situation turned out,” Watson said on being selected by the Texans. “He (Hopkins) is one of the top receivers in the game; him able to help me out and hopefully I can come out and we can do some big things. Two Clemson guys on offense with me and DeAndre and then two guys on defense, Carlos Watkins and D.J. Reader. The Texans are becoming Clemson fans.”

With plenty of eyes on Watson, the young quarterback is staying grounded and he understands there is a bigger picture for him to be successful: keeping the team first and buying into what O’Brien has built over the past three seasons in Houston.

“This is not about me, it is about the Houston Texans,” Watson said. “It is about everyone, all the guys that is part of the team, all the people that support the organization. I am a big team guy. Whatever I can do to help the team win is the ultimate goal.”

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