Edelman and Amendola FaceTime Tom Brady in Austin

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Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola were joined by a special guest on their recent trip to the Lone Star State. Well, kind of. Edelman and Amendola appear to have spent the weekend in Austin, Texas, as both veteran wide receivers took to Instagram to share photos of their vacation. While Amendola’s post featured a boast about the duo’s hair, Edelman’s photo jokingly showed the two giving into a FaceTime session with Tom Brady. In the case of Edelman, there’s a chance Brady decided to reach out to get a head start on offseason workouts. As for Amendola, the New England Patriots quarterback might just miss his former wideout, who departed for the Miami Dolphins in free agency at the turn of the new NFL year. It also appears that Brady is a huge fan of FaceTiming in general. The five-time Super Bowl champion couldn’t even wait until he got home after the AFC Championship Game before jumping on a video call with Rob Gronkowski.

Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola may no longer be teammates, but that’s not stopping the wide outs from continuing their offseason bro-cations.

The duo appears to have spent some time down in Austin, Texas this weekend, enjoying the local scene along with a few drinks. The two documented their trip through their social media channels and in one photo it appears like they gave their pal Tom Brady a quick call.
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The two can be seen looking into Edelman’s phone and by the wide out’s caption, Brady appears to be on the other end.

“Ok, we’ll [FaceTime] TB,” writes Edelman.
While Brady will have plenty of face time with Edelman in 2018 after missing the 2017 campaign due to a torn ACL, the quarterback will be missing one of his more trusted go-to weapons in Amendola. The receiver inked a two year, $12 million deal ($8.25 million guaranteed) with the Miami Dolphins earlier this offseason, ending his five year run with the organization.

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In 2017, Amendola was particularly great at elevating his game on third down and Brady would look to him often in those situations. Of his 28 catches on third down this past season, Amendola was able to convert 25 of them for first downs. He also caught all four of his targets on fourth down and converted each of them for a first.

He was also extremely timely in the playoffs earning the fitting nickname “Playoff ‘Dola.” There, he caught 26 of his 33 targets this past run for 348 yards and two touchdowns. One of those two scores ultimately proved to be the game winner in New England’s comeback win over the Jaguars in the AFC Championship to punch their ticket to Super Bowl LII.

For the season as a whole Amendola was able to bring in 61 receptions for 659 yards and two touchdowns in 15 games.

While No. 80 would be out there to provide that clutch play for Brady and the Patriots going forward, it’s nice to see that’s still able to give his old quarterback a quick ring to say hi, proving there’s no bad blood.

As for relationship with Edelman, the two clearly are staying best friends off the field.

One of the more touching moments following Amendola signing his deal with Miami was Edelman’s tribute post saying goodbye to his now former teammate. The Instagram post has the two hugging on the field, draped in confetti following their epic come from behind win against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI.

They won’t be able to bang helmets on Sunday’s anymore, but clearly they’ve build a friendship through their days in Foxboro that go well beyond the gridiron.

Taking off Kansas City Chiefs Jersey, Marcus Peters have a Fresh Start

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Marcus Peters understands he carries a certain reputation. But he’s going to make sure you that whatever you say about him, it’s going to be accurate.

During Wednesday’s introductory press conference, a reporter posed a question ostensibly about Peters’ character. But the reporter included the phrase, “off the field.”

The 25-year-old cornerback took exception to those particular words.

“No disrespect — what did I do off the field?” Peters asked.

And it was a fair question. Peters is well aware that he’s made some mistakes and has room to grow. But as he put it, those incidents have all come between the white lines — or within the context of being passionate about the game.

“I can say on-the-field issues, that comes with being a competitor. When you want to win so badly, you want to see the team do so good, sometimes teammates and coaches, and coaches and players — you’re going to have those arguments,” Peters said. “But it’s all [for] the good of the team. I want to win so much that, yeah, sometimes I’m going to get pissed off.”

After the press conference, Peters elaborated on what he meant with a scrum of reporters.

“When you look back into the game, passionate players always have been the ones who’ve got the bad rep of being selfish, of not being a team player, and those things. That’s not the case for me. My ultimate goal, for me, is to be a winner,” Peters said. “I don’t like when [people] talk about me and they say that [I’ve] got off-the-field issues because I could be sitting here, and I could be getting DUIs and I could be doing all the rest of this stuff. I could be getting arrested and I could have a mugshot. And I don’t have that burden on me.”

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Despite Peters’ unquestionable ability as a player — his 21 interceptions since 2015 lead the league by far — the Chiefs elected to trade the cornerback in this 2018 offseason. Kansas City did suspended Peters for a game in December for leaving the field of play while the Chiefs’ matchup with the Jets was still ongoing. And given what Peters knew about his former organization, he said he wasn’t shocked when the rumors first began that he could be on the move.

“I kind of heard a little bit of buzz. Everybody was talking about it earlier in past years. But I wasn’t shocked,” Peters said. “I just was taking it as what it was going to be — it’s a business decision. They felt they needed to make a decision with me to be gone, and it got done. So I applaud the Rams for seeing what everybody else didn’t see. It’s time to have fun now I guess.”

For their part, both general manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay said they were satisfied with everything they learned in their vetting of Peters when Los Angeles was considering the trade.

“The themes that came out of [our research] with Marcus in particular [is that he’s an] extremely intelligent human being,” Snead said. “Smart football player, loves football, loves winning. And key players in that locker room say, ‘Hey, we respect the human, the teammate.’ I think off the field, you always do your digging there. But very clean human being off the field. And very intelligent human being.”

“I think the vetting that we did, the people that were close that we really trust and value their opinion speak highly of the person. And then when you spend time with him, you can tell — this is a good guy,” McVay said. “He’s fully aware that he’s been emotional on the field sometimes. And I think that’s a product of him being an elite competitor that is really into the game. And his ability to recognize that will help him to continue to improve that poise and how we handle some of those emotional situations that do come up. And I think that’s part of what makes him a special player, though, as well, is that fiery personality, that competitor.”cheap real football jerseys

But even as Peters appeared to feel comfortable and appreciated on his new team, the cornerback acknowledged that there’s certainly room for him to grow and mature as a player in Los Angeles.

“Everything that comes with growth. What were you doing at 25? Probably some stuff that your moms and pops or probably some other people wouldn’t agree with,” Peters said. “But all you do is you take it with a grain of salt. You keep it pushing. You always learn from your mistakes and don’t blame anybody for your mistakes. You sit there and you take it on your own, you stand tall, and you have fun with it. Because at the end of the day, it’s life. There’s ups and downs. It’s a beautiful journey.”

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The first reaction among Los Angeles Rams fans when news broke about the team acquiring Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib was overwhelming excitement. Two All-Pro cornerbacks in a Wade Phillips-led defense just oozes potential, especially given their ball skills and coverage ability.

After that initial wave of elation, however, came mild concern. Talib and Peters are both outspoken players with brash personalities, which have led to on-field fights and scuffles, as well as suspensions.

What if their egos clash and it causes a divide in the locker room? What if these trades don’t wind up working out? As valid as those questions are, Talib and Peters are confident they will mesh well together and form a dynamic duo in the secondary.

Talib, for one, views himself as a mentor of sorts to Peters, who’s a young up-and-coming cornerback in the NFL.

“I feel like you ask the coaches — Wade Phillips, Gary Kubiak, Bill Belichick — ask those guys about me, they’re going to tell you how professional I am in that building,” Talib said via the team’s official site. “So, I’m going to be myself and Marcus will follow me. He will see how professional I am in that building as far as on this tape, as far as how I put my work in. I think it will rub off on him and it will help him.”

As good as Peters is, Talib already sees areas in which the young corner can improve. It begins in the film room where Talib reportedly told MMQB once that Peters wasn’t watching tape correctly, which is why he can still get better.

“I wouldn’t say he wasn’t watching the film right because he’s doing something right. He has a bunch of interceptions in his first couple years in the league. So, I wouldn’t say he wasn’t watching film right, but if he really did get in that lab with the film he could even go to the next level.

“That’s something Wade really helps with, helps dissect the game for him. I’m just here as a vet. If he has questions for me for anything, I’m going to be here for him. We are vocal guys, both of us are vocal guys. I’m going to ask him questions on what he sees, he’s going to ask me what I see. So, it’s two great football minds. We get to put our minds together and it’s just a fresh start for both of us.”

The relationship between Peters, Talib and Phillips will be a crucial one, given how much potential there is in on defense. If Talib can take Peters under his wing and help him develop as an even better cornerback, Los Angeles’ secondary will be terrifying.

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Despite his sizable success in pro football, Jordy Nelson has gravitated toward small towns his entire life.

So when he arrives in Sioux Falls as the featured speaker for the Argus Leader Sports Awards on May 16 at the Sanford Pentagon, if anything he’ll be a little overwhelmed by all the bright lights.

A native of Riley, Kan., Nelson grew up on a farm and went to a high school with an enrollment of about 250. As you might guess of a gifted NFL wide receiver, he excelled in just about everything he did as an athlete.

As you might not guess, he also put in a lot of time helping out on the family farm, all while participating in three varsity sports.

Now approaching his 11th season with the Green Bay Packers, the former Kansas State walk-on has built a reputation for being generous with both his spirit and his time in Wisconsin and his native Kansas.where to get cheap football jerseys

Nelson will share some of both on jerseys from china his visit to the Sioux Falls for the third annual Argus Leader Sports Awards, which honors high school athletes, coaches, teams and community members for their achievements. Previous featured speakers were Peyton Manning (2016) and Cal Ripken Jr. (2017).

“I’m looking forward to visiting South Dakota; it’s one of the few states I’ve never been to,” said Nelson in a recent phone interview. “Growing up in rural Kansas, where the nearest towns are somewhere between 500 and 800 people, it’s always interesting to see new places.”

Those planning to attend the awards banquet can expect a compelling message from Nelson. He’ll touch on his own upbringing and how that sustained him in his progress from a small-school high school star to what was initially a long shot situation at Kansas State, and then on to NFL stardom.

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“Because it’s an awards show, I expect there will be a lot of kids there who want to play at the next level, whatever that might be,” he said. “Most of all, you need to continue to have fun. And I expect a lot of the kids up for awards are going to have younger siblings there. It’s the most important thing for them, too. It’s important for all athletes that whatever you’re doing, you enjoy it.”

That goes for NFL players, too. Nelson has learned that lesson while racking up nearly 8,000 career receiving yards and 69 touchdowns for Green Bay, becoming one of the league’s most potent offensive weapons.

“I can’t image how difficult playing at this level would be if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing,” he said. “Even in the NFL, it’s not worth doing if you’re miserable.”

Nelson is not a fan of specialization in youth sports. He was an excellent basketball player in high school and one of Kansas’ top high school track athletes, this while also putting in the hours on the farm.

“It drives me nuts when I see parents trying to get their kids to specialize in a sport when they’re 8 or 10 years old,” said Nelson, who served as a substitute third-grade math teacher at his son’s elementary school while injured in 2015. “Honestly, if that had been how it was for me, I wouldn’t have ended up playing football. I always found basketball more enjoyable. Let kids experience lots of different sports. It prevents getting burned out because there is always something new to focus on.”

The family farm was also a prominent part of Nelson’s youth. His parents were both athletes growing up, so the children got their opportunities to play. The summers were busy, though. Basketball and weightlifting were tucked around time on the tractor, building fences and other chores.

“Working outside is always more fun for me,” said Nelson, who made the Pro Bowl in 2014 after posting a career-high 1,519 receiving yards and 13 TDs. “I always liked the active stuff more than just sitting on your butt in a combine. And building a fence was always more fun than repairing them.

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“You can see your progress as you go along – there’s nothing better than looking at a brand-new fence at the end of the day. When you’re repairing them, though, it looks about the same as it did when you started. And you know you’re going to have to come back and do the same thing next year.”

James Jones knows all about Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb as he was with the Green Bay Packers from 2007-2013, 2015. So when he hears about the possibility of either Nelson or Cobb being cut, the NFL touchdowns leader in 2012 believes he has the answer to the Packers’ interesting problem. Jones spoke to ESPN Wisconsin last week and when it comes to Nelson, he said he would try to get him to restructure his contract.

“If I was the GM, knowing that Jordy probably only wants to play one more year,” Jones said via Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal. “I sit Jordy down and I say, ‘Look, how can we restructure you? How can we get this done so you can come back? I want you, Davante and Randall on the field so we can make another run at the Super Bowl (now that) we get Aaron back.’ How can we work this out so it’s good for both parties and you can retire as a Green Bay Packer?’”

Jones went on to say that Cobb is too valuable to the Packers offense to be cut before the start of the season.

“As for Randall, I’ve been in that offensive room with Coach Mike and him putting in the game plan,” Jones said. “So I understand how valuable Randall is — to all of the packages. You can put him in the backfield, you can line him up in the slot, you can line him up outside, he can run the ball.

“I think Randall is too young to take a pay cut. Jordy? He’s old. Jordy’s on his way out. So you get one, two more good years out of Jordy, that’s good. … But I would definitely keep both of them.”

Both Nelson and Cobb, who will be free agents after the 2018 season, have cap hits of over $11 million this year. Also, both players are coming off of disappointing seasons as Nelson recorded 53 receptions for 482 yards and six touchdowns while Cobb recorded 66 receptions for 653 yards and four touchdowns. In their defense, Aaron Rodgers missed more than half of the season and when he was healthy, Nelson was leading the NFL in touchdown receptions. So with a healthy Rodgers back in the mix, there’s a good chance Nelson and Cobb will have better production in 2018. However, the 2019 season could be really interesting for the Packers if they don’t make any moves on Nelson and Cobb and let them play out the 2018 season with no restructured deals in place.